Rollovers for Dynamically Created Buttons with JQuery

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The button rollovers using .hover with JQuery look great, but what about when the buttons will be created dynamically. In this instance, the buttons are in a column in a table. Additional table rows are created programmatically while using the form. How can you add a .hover event to your newly created buttons?

I've found a really simple answer to this problem.

When the DOM is loaded (check this with the document.ready function) this attaches a listener to every object of class ro-button. The listener responds to mouse movement over that element by executing a block of code which checks a variable in the data object (this will prevent us from attaching the listener twice) and then adding a hover event to the object. The hover event takes as parameters a function to execute when that object is hovered and un-hovered. In this case, we are applying the class ui-state-active and then removing it.

$(document).ready(function() {
   $('.ro-button').live("mousemove", function() {
      if (!$(this).data("init")) {
         $(this).data("init", true);

Hopefully others will find this useful as well.


StuartRollovers for Dynamically Created Buttons with JQuery